Sakurako Tenmaku

Sakurako Tenmaku is a freshman at Sakashitamon Academy and a tenant at the girls' dormitory. She has what Hachibei Maeda considers "ideal eyes."

Two years ago, she had to transfer schools because she was being bullied by other girls who accused her of deceiving their boyfriends. During this time she met a boy one year older than her named Junichiro Taniyama in cram school, who she liked until he attempted to rape her (later this was revealed to be a misunderstanding).

For this reason, she is cold towards men and is considered a man hater by her classmates at Sakashitamon Academy . When her father learned about the torment she was put though by the other girls, it caused him to become overprotective of her. He has since passed that responsibility on to Hachibei, who has also been indirectly helping her to overcome the psychological trauma she suffered. She is very economical by nature, loves finding bargains, and has an extensive knowledge regarding how to save money.

When Hachibei first moved into the dormitory, she disliked him, but her feelings gradually changed. They got to a point where both Tsubame and Ayame began to notice. Her family, which consists of her father, grandmother Hana, and her younger brother and sister, owns a restaurant. Her mother, Nadia, is British and has actually started a successful business in her home country. She did intend to take Tenmaku to England with her, something Tenmaku declined so to stay with her friends. Both Sakurako and her mother both have Hachibei's ideal eyes, something that hinders him when she challenges him to a wrestling match.

Having realized her feelings for Hachibei, Sakurako still has a tough time declaring them in public. For this reason, she asked Hachibei to keep amazing her so that one day she would be able to admit her true feelings for him. Though she does hate his perverted ways, and will strike him anytime she sees him indulging them. Later they are a couple and dating, however recently broke up with him and slapped him across the face after finding his hidden stash of pictures he took of them. Ironically though it isn't the fact that he took the pictures but the fact he hid them, believing he was a man who didn't hide anything about himself and now feels like she cannot trust him. At the end of manga, she confesses her love as she realize she can't be happy without him, promising to keep the eyes he loves on him.