Hachibei Maeda is one of the main characters in Ai Kora. He is main protagonist of the story, a 15-year-old boy who all of his life has loved only women’s body parts.

Because of his fetish, he is not attracted to women that do not have his ideal parts and does not get excited over parts that he believes not to be ideal. For this reason, he begs his mother to let him go to Sakashitamon Academy in Tokyo in order for him to seek out his ideal parts. Once he meets a woman who has one of his ideal parts, he becomes very protective of her, stating and showing several times he is willing to die to protect the girls with his ideal parts.

He goes though great lengths to indulge in his fetishes as well as maintain the friendship with the women themselves. Normally he is very passive and non-violent, but when a serious event threatens his ideal parts, he transforms into a berserker state. In this state, he is able to accomplish superhuman feats and as stated by Ootori, surpasses that of the strongest ninja. Later in the story, he reveals that his father died when he was young and had a similar personality.

His father's happiness of finding his wife (his ideal woman) is what drives Hachibei's quest for his own ideal woman. Although he loves all of the girls with his desired parts, he truly only wants each to have their happiness. Sakurako Tenmaku is the only one who he has shown signs of romance towards besides his way of parts love, and has been dating her. At the end he accidentally boards a flight to England, believing Sakurako is on it and takes four months to hitchhike back to Japan. Along the way he fought in many battles ranging from thugs to gorilla fighters as he found more girls along the way that had the parts he love, which caused the girls to follow him back to Japan and plead that he should marry them.