Ayame Yatsuhashi is a student at Sakashitamon Academy and the school idol. She is the daughter of the plutocrat Yatsuhashi, who strive to be the best at everything. Her father donates so much to the school that she can have her way without question from the teachers. She wants Hachibei to become her boyfriend because he is considered to be the strongest in the school. Much to her surprise, Hachibei rejects her because he can't see any ideal parts.

She refuses defeat and, through reconnaissance, learns of his parts fetish. While saving her from being hit by a truck, Hachibei learns that she has his "ideal waist line" (like fine Japanese pottery, or so he says). Afterwards, she decides to move into the girls' dormitory in order to remain closer to Hachibei. She is the only character that regularly exploits Hachibei’s fetish in order to control him (by doing a belly dance).

In the series, it is unclear if she truly loves Hachibei Maeda or if it just a superficial love, though it is inferred that she truly loves Hachibei as she went out of her way to be properly trained in the ways of a Japanese wife. In chapter 59, Hachibei once again proves how far he will go to protect all of the girls' parts, for Ayame and her behavior afterwards was that of a person in love. In Chapter 51, she has shown the willingness to go further than the others to make Hachibei hers.

It is revealed in chapter 59 that under stress, her body will swell up like balloon however will lose all of the weight instantly once the stress is gone. Near the end she falls for Haiji Kikuno who always with her supporting her love for Hachibei...But because of minor set-backs about Haiji acting more "Love Giving" to others she still tries to catch Hachibei's heart nevertheless.